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Madesmart clear large drawer organiser featured imageDrawers are a coveted feature in modern kitchen design⁠—and one often prone to clutter. They not only house cutlery and bin bags, but also crockery, cookware, and even pantry items, which is why we all need to declutter them on a regular basis. It’s great being able to pull drawers out and see everything inside […]

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How to tackle fridge organisationWorking in the food industry for over 20 years teaches you a few things. One of those things is that the refrigerator is, without a doubt, every cook or chef’s most important equipment. There’s nothing quite as embarrassing as a messy cool room, so you have to learn how to manage fridge organisation fast. I’ve […]

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Spring recipes - Prosciutto Burrata and Rocket SaladWhen it comes to stress-free entertaining, the trick is to not sweat the small stuff when feeding guests. Never lose sight that entertaining at home is about generosity and sharing good company rather than delivering MasterChef dishes for judgement! I’ve put together some wonderful suggestions for spring recipes to help you along. It’s always a […]

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Organised pantry storage by Styled by FlissStaying on top of pantry storage just makes sense. Getting and staying organised with your food storage means less wastage, easier restocking, and using a greater variety of food items in your cooking. Here are some clever pantry storage tips that will improve the look and feel of one of the most important spaces in […]

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Apple Pie RecipeThis apple pie recipe is the perfect homemade Father’s Day gift to make dad feel happy on his special day. Time to put your baking skills to good use and celebrate the occasion with this classic warm dessert! Make sure to serve it with ice cream or custard on top and have everyone ask for […]

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Gift Ideas for DadIt can be tricky getting the right gift for important men in your life. Allow us to come to your rescue with this list of Father’s Day gift ideas. DIY dad If you have hands-on dads or partners, these do-it-yourself kits will lead them to loads of homemade adventures. Each kit contains equipment and instructions […]

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Hearty Fathers Day LunchLet Dad know you care for him this Father's Day when you serve up thin slices of medium rare roast beef with puffy Yorkshire pudding and homemade pan gravy.

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Handmade Tuna Pie RecipeA slice of pie, be it savoury or sweet, is one of the first things you’ll think of when you want comfort and food together. Thinking about buttery crust melded with warm filling just makes my mouth water. A whole pie fresh out of the oven is undeniably enticing. Its mini version, like this tuna […]

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Rules of a Good Grazing PlatterA grazing platter is a fabulous way to entertain. It’s a great way to cater to different tastes, it looks inviting, and there’s hardly any cooking required to feed your guests. Having said that, I’ve seen everything from beautifully curated platters of food art to the toss-everything-on-a-platter-and-hope-for-the-best grazing platter. Read and follow these tips to […]

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Beef RaguClassic beef ragu is a great dish for turning inexpensive beef cuts and pantry staples into a hearty meal. This is best enjoyed with pappardelle as the thick sauce and shredded beef cling to the flat, wide noodles. A good wok is perfect for cooking the ragu low and slow then tossing the pasta in […]

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How to make a zero waste essential starter kitWaste pollution is one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time. Australia alone generates about 67 million tonnes of waste each year—which equates to a massive 2700kg per person—according to the National Waste Policy 2018 paper. As monumental as the waste problem might seem however, each of us can make a huge impact by […]

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Low-Tox CookwareHealthy home-cooked meals not only require fresh ingredients and good cooking methods. Cookware with low levels of toxicity plays an important role, too. Make an informed choice when selecting a new pot or pan with our list of recommended low-tox cookware. What makes cookware toxic? Some materials used in certain cookware have been identified by […]

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Sourdough BreadMost home bakers consider sourdough bread from scratch as the ultimate test. Baking this delicious and chewy creation, however, is a challenge that you can easily overcome with practice, patience, and a few helpful tips. Sourdough bread maker Angelique Crystal happily shares her top 10 tips to make your first sourdough loaf a winning success. […]

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Composting at homeEver thought of giving composting a go? It’s never too late to learn how. In this guest post, composting expert Peter Critch, project manager at Subpod, excitedly shares the benefits of creating your own compost and how easy it is to try at home. His easy-to-follow tips will definitely have anyone, even beginners, just as […]

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Blog Image Apple Tart Tatin by Justine SchofieldIn this post, celebrity cook and TV host Justin Schofield shares her easy French-style apple tart tatin recipe cooked using her favourite Tefal Ingenio pan. A sweet dish to enjoy with family and friends, this heavenly apple dessert recipe will be an absolute favourite at home. Since her MasterChef success, Justine has become one of […]

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Blog Image Yaxell Knives GuideEvery cook, pro or not, needs a knife that serves as an extension of their arm. But with so many options in the market, how do you choose the right knife for your cooking style? In this special blog post, we talk about five Yaxell knife ranges, a premium Japanese brand exclusive to Kitchen Warehouse, […]

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The MasterPro 12-in-1 multicooker is a pot that does it all. With its smart technology, all-around cooks and beginners can easily master home cooking with just a press of a button. Our selection of multicooker recipes shows you exactly how versatile this wonder pot can be. Home cooks have grown to appreciate multicookers mainly because […]

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Blog Image The Art of Cooking in Clay ExplainedToday, there is a new interest with the old way of cooking. Earthenware is now being produced in lead-free versions, and many are keen to make a collection.

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Pickling Preserving Alex Elliot-HoweryMaking preserves at home is a rewarding hobby, not to mention very addictive. And while seasonal produce is best for preserving, having good jars on hand is also a must. In this guest post, Cornersmith founder and owner Alex Elliot-Howery shares why choosing high-quality equipment is important when preserving food. Discover how to live homegrown! […]

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A well-loved French dish, the classic beef bourguignon is comfort food best shared with a hungry crowd. The colours of vegetables mixed with fork-tender meat are enough to make your mouth water. Give this recipe a go when you love cooking one-pot meals or are simply craving for something hearty. The secret to making the […]

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Satisfy your cheese cravings with this baked camembert cheese recipe. A pure cheesy joy dish, this French favourite cheese works well as a starter for sharing and is an ideal winter warmer at home.

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A pot of chicken casserole easily reminds you of home. We especially love this traditional French dish as it’s simple to make and needs ingredients that are already in our pantry or fridge. And with a dependable cast iron casserole or Dutch oven, everything gets cooked in one pot. Chicken casserole is truly a family […]

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Blog Image Basic French Crepe RecipeA real crowd pleaser—French crepes can be eaten hot or cold, sweet or savoury. Easy to make and requires simple ingredients, you can even make them as simple or as elaborate as you like.

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Classic Madeleine RecipeHave you ever eaten madeleines before? These scallop-shaped cakelets are not only pretty on the plate but also a delight to eat, especially when warm. It’s a good thing that they are also quite simple to make. Yes, madeleines belong to the family of fancy French tea cakes. But, other than the specially shaped pan […]

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The best way to keep warm this winter is to stay in and have comfort food waiting in the kitchen. Slow-cooked butter chicken with tomatoes and lots of spices definitely sounds tempting. Too decadent? Not this particular recipe that only needs a tablespoon of butter, so you can enjoy and dig in without the guilt! […]

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Poached Salmon with Verjuice RecipeThis specialty poached salmon with verjuice (unripe grapes’ juice) comes packed with tenderly cooked potatoes spiked with chilli and herbs. Added with the delicious sweet-and-sour notes of the juice, this dish is simply a winner winter warmer to try at home. Convenient and versatile, a slow cooker ensures to bring out all the flavour in […]

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What better way to celebrate winter than to spend it in the kitchen, cooking this Indian spiced root vegetable recipe in your slow cooker. Easy to prepare and beautifully spiced, you don’t have to wait for roast dinner leftovers to have this dish on the table. Slow cooking and wintertime simply go together—they let us […]

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Blog Image Crispy and Succulent Roast Chicken RecipeThe butter, garlic, and lemon give the chicken a rich flavour, while the veggies cook away in healthy, aromatic olive oil.

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Pad ThaiPad Thai is a stir-fry favourite as it’s simple to make and a great way to make use of ingredients you have on hand. This particular noodle dish has tofu and carrots in the recipe. But you can always experiment and add in prawns, chicken, and other vegetables to the mix to suit your taste. […]

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Roasted Pumpkin SoupNothing says winter more than having roasted pumpkin soup in the kitchen. This soup recipe is made even richer with the addition of sweet potato. Topping it with the traditional Egyptian nut and spice mix dukkah gives the soup added texture and layers of flavour. The best thing about it is that you can have […]

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