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Chocolate Ganache Bundt Cake Recipe with BerriesStylist extraordinaire and Kitchen Warehouse Events Manager Jo-Anne Pabst is going bundt cake crazy. Inspired by baker and author Charlotte Ree, Jo is endeavouring to bake a recipe from Charlotte’s new book Just Desserts every week. This is Jo’s delicious attempt at Charlotte’s Chocolate Ganache Bundt Cake recipe. Charlotte garnishes hers with blackberries while Jo’s […]

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Pavlova Roulade with Raspberry Cheesecake FillingPavlova is a Christmas staple you simply must have on the holiday table. Take it up a notch and make a pavlova with a twist! The trick up our sleeve: crushed raspberries, whipped cream cheese, and a perfectly rolled meringue for a delectable pavlova roulade. This pavlova roulade recipe is a modern incarnation of the […]

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Baked Ham with Grilled Stone FruitBaked ham easily completes the Christmas table. Who can get enough of its divine aroma and deliciously sticky glaze? We’re reviving this holiday staple with the flavours of cider, mustard, and sage plus a serving of grilled stone fruit on the side. This recipe makes a baked ham that’s flavourful inside out. On top of […]

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Cassis Berry Sorbet Champagne Float by Le CreusetChampagne float is a staple for all festive celebrations. Put a spin to this traditional drink and dessert combo with a scoop of berry sorbet and a splash of cassis or blackcurrant liqueur. This champagne float recipe revives the refreshing kir royale cocktail and makes about four servings. It takes no time to make and […]

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Christmas Ice cream cake sandwichChristmas ice cream cake is a delightful dessert to add to your menu. This recipe combines the much-loved Christmas cake with everyone’s favourite summer treat, ice cream, for a reinvented dessert that will bring renewed excitement to your Christmas feast. Nothing beats a dish that combines two desserts in one after all. In this case, […]

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Christmas Gingerbread CookiesThere’s something about gingerbread that gets us in the mood for Christmas. Is it the unmistakable aroma? The chewy texture? The combination of warm and sweet flavours? Or all the adorable figures—gingerbread men, gingerbread house, gingerbread cookies—you can make with it? It’s all these things for sure, in addition to gingerbread being one of the […]

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Trifle recipe by Charlotte Ree from Just DessertsThis festive trifle recipe is being shared by no-fuss baker, first-time author, and pun-lover Charlotte Ree from her debut book Just Desserts. Making a trifle can be a little time-consuming but, thankfully, the process can be spread out over a few days to make your life easier. The best thing about trifles is that they […]

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Creamy Lemon Curd Cheesecake Ice CreamSure, plain lemon cheesecake is delicious, but turn it into a lemon cheesecake ice cream and you’ve got yourself a dessert bursting with the bright flavours of summer and the creamy decadence of everyone’s favourite no-bake dessert. You’ll want a bowl of it right away! Rich in lemon flavour yet sweetened with the heavenly crunch […]

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Traditional Christmas PuddingMaking a traditional Christmas pudding may seem overwhelming with its long list of ingredients and steps. However, it’s really not at all hard to make. What it requires is time, two days at least to prepare and weeks to allow the pudding to mature. But having a Christmas pudding that is all at once rich, […]

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Coconut Ice Cream with Raspberry SwirlCoconut ice cream tastes wonderful as is; swirling raspberry jam into it makes it extra delightful. The best thing about this coconut ice cream is you can make it at home with just five ingredients and a stand mixer with an ice cream maker attachment. This creamy custard-based recipe makes eight servings. But before you […]

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Royal Icing Recipe decorating sugar cookiesEasy royal icing only needs three ingredients: egg whites, icing sugar, and some water to adjust its consistency. It’s a baker’s staple that you can use to decorate cookies, frost cakes, and build gingerbread houses. Royal icing hardens when set and tastes very sweet because of the high amount of sugar needed to make it. […]

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Basic Sugar Cookie Recipe StarsThis classic sugar cookie recipe is a must for every home-baker. It is one of the simplest and most versatile cookie recipes around. If you’re looking for a delicious cookie with a delicate and buttery flavour that is also easy to make and is perfect for shaping, then read on. The high ratio of flour […]

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How to use Christmas sugar cookies for giftingThe delicate buttery goodness of sugar cookies is simply irresistible. In this blog, we show you four simple ways you can transform one sugar cookie dough into adorable edible gifts and ornaments that will add a lovely personal touch to your holiday gifting. Sugar cookies are something every home-baker should have in his or her […]

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Christmas Food Gifts in JarsChristmas food gifts are the best presents to give and receive—everyone loves ready-to-eat gifts that come in a lovely (and reusable) jar. Here are some great ideas that you can try this season of giving. These are not only simple to make, but also easy to prepare in large batches. 1. Chocolate Truffles No one […]

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Cast Iron Cookware Lodge VictoriaWhen it comes to choosing good cast iron cookware, Victoria and Lodge easily top the list. Both brands make versatile, non-toxic, and naturally non-stick products of heirloom quality. But which one should you choose? Read on to learn the key differences between Lodge and Victoria and find out which products you should try. Lodge Cast […]

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Korean Pork Dumplings with KimchiKimchi pork dumplings (mandu in Korean) are dough dumplings usually filled with minced pork livened up with funky kimchi and strong seasonings.

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Cast Iron Skillet CookieSkillet cookie is best when baked in a heat-retentive cast iron pan. It’s a great time saver and perfect for keeping the cookie all soft and gooey even when out of the oven. Make sure to have spoons ready to dig in while it’s still warm. This skillet cookie recipe used chocolate chips, but you […]

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Make this the year you carve your own Halloween pumpkin into a creepy jack-o’-lantern to light the way for all eager trick-or-treaters. It’s easier than you think! The Halloween pumpkin, also widely known as a jack-o’-lantern, is one of the most enduring symbols of Halloween. Its origins can be traced back to the Irish festival […]

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Madesmart clear large drawer organiser featured imageDrawers are a coveted feature in modern kitchen design⁠—and one often prone to clutter. They not only house cutlery and bin bags, but also crockery, cookware, and even pantry items, which is why we all need to declutter them on a regular basis. It’s great being able to pull drawers out and see everything inside […]

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How to tackle fridge organisationWorking in the food industry for over 20 years teaches you a few things. One of those things is that the refrigerator is, without a doubt, every cook or chef’s most important equipment. There’s nothing quite as embarrassing as a messy cool room, so you have to learn how to manage fridge organisation fast. I’ve […]

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Spring recipes - Prosciutto Burrata and Rocket SaladWhen it comes to stress-free entertaining, the trick is to not sweat the small stuff when feeding guests. Never lose sight that entertaining at home is about generosity and sharing good company rather than delivering MasterChef dishes for judgement! I’ve put together some wonderful suggestions for spring recipes to help you along. It’s always a […]

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Organised pantry storage by Styled by FlissStaying on top of pantry storage just makes sense. Getting and staying organised with your food storage means less wastage, easier restocking, and using a greater variety of food items in your cooking. Here are some clever pantry storage tips that will improve the look and feel of one of the most important spaces in […]

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Apple Pie RecipeThis apple pie recipe is the perfect homemade Father’s Day gift to make dad feel happy on his special day. Time to put your baking skills to good use and celebrate the occasion with this classic warm dessert! Make sure to serve it with ice cream or custard on top and have everyone ask for […]

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Gift Ideas for DadIt can be tricky getting the right gift for important men in your life. Allow us to come to your rescue with this list of Father’s Day gift ideas. DIY dad If you have hands-on dads or partners, these do-it-yourself kits will lead them to loads of homemade adventures. Each kit contains equipment and instructions […]

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Hearty Fathers Day LunchLet Dad know you care for him this Father's Day when you serve up thin slices of medium rare roast beef with puffy Yorkshire pudding and homemade pan gravy.

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Handmade Tuna Pie RecipeA slice of pie, be it savoury or sweet, is one of the first things you’ll think of when you want comfort and food together. Thinking about buttery crust melded with warm filling just makes my mouth water. A whole pie fresh out of the oven is undeniably enticing. Its mini version, like this tuna […]

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Rules of a Good Grazing PlatterA grazing platter is a fabulous way to entertain. It’s a great way to cater to different tastes, it looks inviting, and there’s hardly any cooking required to feed your guests. Having said that, I’ve seen everything from beautifully curated platters of food art to the toss-everything-on-a-platter-and-hope-for-the-best grazing platter. Read and follow these tips to […]

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Beef RaguClassic beef ragu is a great dish for turning inexpensive beef cuts and pantry staples into a hearty meal. This is best enjoyed with pappardelle as the thick sauce and shredded beef cling to the flat, wide noodles. A good wok is perfect for cooking the ragu low and slow then tossing the pasta in […]

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How to make a zero waste essential starter kitWaste pollution is one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time. Australia alone generates about 67 million tonnes of waste each year—which equates to a massive 2700kg per person—according to the National Waste Policy 2018 paper. As monumental as the waste problem might seem however, each of us can make a huge impact by […]

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Low-Tox CookwareHealthy home-cooked meals not only require fresh ingredients and good cooking methods. Cookware with low levels of toxicity plays an important role, too. Make an informed choice when selecting a new pot or pan with our list of recommended low-tox cookware. What makes cookware toxic? Some materials used in certain cookware have been identified by […]

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